‘Turning Thirty’ is a truly wonderful and unique program that brings the patient experience to life in a way that is both impactful and unforgettable. I first saw “Turning Thirty” at the World Congress on Continuing Professional Development and, along with the rest of the audience, was spellbound. People were crying and laughing, sometimes both at once. As we move on the path to value-based care, the Turning Thirty lessons become even more important. Everyone should see ‘Turning Thirty.’
— Pamela Peters, PhD, Director, Quality and Strategy, Medscape Education
Center Stage Education delivered a creative learning experience for my graduate level students in public health at Emory University. They were able to design a delivery model that met my two goals; to provide students an appreciation of the stressors facing families and caregivers during a health crises, and to demonstrate innovative ways of providing health education. Through the use of a musical, Center Stage Education enabled my adult learners to internalize the patient and caregiver experience in a way that traditional learning could not, and to better articulate their potential role as public health professionals in addressing these issues. In addition to being a joy to work with, Center Stage Education’s designer approach to meeting their client’s needs was much appreciated, and I will definitely work with them again in the near future.
— Linelle M. Blais, PhD; Executive Director, Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance; Associate Professor, Behavioral Science & Health Education; Emory University
Great choice of presenters to end the day. The combination of education, story telling and music was excellent. I am recharged by this presentation and reminded not to forget the value of storytelling. Both presenters were genuine and their love for humanity was felt through the screen. There are angels walking on earth and we met two of them today. Thank you!
Inspirational! So pleased to see others invested in story telling as a means to growth and healing!
Favorite session of the conference so far!
McSweeney and Willner presentation on social work, music, and cancer narratives with passion and enthusiasm. It was interesting to see the infusion of social work and music. I thank both of them for sharing. This is a new approach for my practice.
AMAZING! Best workshop ever! We need to help him get his play published! The play was brilliant!
This workshop was a different approach to delivering social work related information. Enjoyed the performance!
Best CEU EVER!!!
Excellent! Thank you for bringing this to us!
Innovative way to explore the many feelings someone experiences when battling cancer
Beautiful music, Such Passionate Delivery!! Great Testimony!!