Anne McSweeney, LMSW, President of CEU Concepts and co-founder of Center Stage Education, has a diverse background in community relations and medical social work. Drawing from her varied background and real-life social work experiences, Anne provides up-to-date, interesting, informative, relevant, and fresh educational seminars that allow the participants to enjoy themselves while gaining useful skills for their daily practices.


Tom Willner, President of Tom Willner Music and co-founder of Center Stage Education, is a musician, published songwriter, playwright, speaker, and author. He is a testicular cancer survivor who has written a musical and a book about his experience that raise awareness and funding for cancer charities and teach about the patient experience. He also has over two decades of experience in technology and digital strategy, with certifications in Healthcare Information Technology and Electronic Health Records.

Video sample:

See how we use music and storytelling about the patient experience interspersed with discussion to teach patient centered care.